Summer Heat and Looking Hot

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Are you planning to attend weddings in the summer heat or are planning on maintaining professional wear for your job? Well, let me tell you, if you don’t choose the right outfits, it will not be a comfortable experience.However, there are solutions to everything! Here are some tips on what you should be doing to prepare for a hot summer while still looking hot! Come to the best tailor shop, Class Bespoke, to learn more about the best ways to get your summer fashion going!

Summer Heat and Looking Hot

Stylish Recommendations for a Light Summer

Lightweight Fabrics

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The fabric of your suit is the most critical factor in ensuring comfort in the Thai heat. Opt for lightweight, breathable materials that allow air to circulate and wick away moisture. Some of the best fabric choices include:


Known for its lightness and breathability, linen is an excellent choice for hot climates. It absorbs moisture and dries quickly, keeping you cool. However, linen wrinkles easily, so consider a linen blend for a more polished look. Linen is currently the trend of the summer, ensuring you stay comfortable yet professional!


Class BEspoke, a tailor shop also provides cotton which suits are another great option for warm weather. They are lightweight, comfortable, and more resistant to wrinkling compared to linen.

Tropical Wool:

Contrary to common belief, certain types of wool, such as tropical wool, are suitable for hot climates. This fabric is lightweight, breathable, and has natural moisture-wicking properties.

Tailors in Bangkok have access to a variety of fabrics for all the bespoke suits that you can think of.

Unlined or Half-Lined Jackets

Traditional suits often come with a full lining, which can trap heat and make you feel hotter. For a more breathable alternative, consider:

Unlined Jackets:

These jackets forego the inner lining entirely, making them lighter and more breathable. This style is perfect for maintaining comfort without sacrificing structure.

Half-Lined Jackets:

These jackets have lining only on the upper back and sleeves, providing some structure while allowing better airflow through the body of the jacket.

From the many tailors in Bangkok, Class Bespoke can make sure that they help you choose the best styles and lining when it comes to your summer suit. Class Bespoke is a tailor in Sukhumvit that has great options that can enhance your custom suit.

Breathable Construction Techniques

The way a suit is constructed can significantly impact its breathability. Tailors can incorporate specific techniques to enhance comfort:

Light Canvas Construction:

A suit jacket’s internal canvas provides structure and a light canvas construction offers the necessary support without adding excessive weight or heat.

Minimal Padding:

Reducing or eliminating padding in the shoulders can make a jacket feel lighter and more comfortable in hot weather.

Many tailor shops in Bangkok have incorporated many different techniques to further the comfort of your suit and Class Bespoke makes it clear that they are open to making the best suit possible for you.

Appropriate Cuts and Styles

The cut and style of your suit can also influence how comfortable it feels in the heat. Consider the following options:

Single-Breasted Jackets:

Single-breasted jackets are generally lighter and less restrictive than double-breasted ones, making them a better choice for warm climates.

Slim Fit:

A slim fit can provide a sleek look without excess fabric, which can trap heat. However, ensure it’s not too tight, as proper airflow is crucial.


Jackets with side vents or a center vent can improve airflow, making them more comfortable in hot weather.

Color Choices

Lighter colors reflect sunlight better than darker colors, keeping you cooler. Opt for suits in shades like light grey, beige, or pastels. These colors not only help in staying cool but also add a refreshing, summery touch to your wardrobe.

Tailoring for the Perfect Fit

Tailoring is essential for creating a suit that not only looks great but also feels comfortable in Thailand’s heat. A well-tailored suit ensures that the fabric sits properly on your body, allowing for optimal airflow and movement. Here are some tailoring tips:

Customized Fit:

A bespoke, tailor shop, or a custom-tailored suit is made to your exact measurements, ensuring a fit that allows for maximum comfort and mobility.

Adjustable Features:

Tailors can incorporate adjustable features such as side adjusters on trousers, allowing for minor changes in fit to enhance comfort.

By choosing the right fabrics, cuts, and construction techniques, you can enjoy the elegance of a suit without compromising on comfort in Thailand’s hot climate. Tailoring plays a pivotal role in achieving this balance, offering personalized solutions that ensure your suit is as breathable as it is stylish. Whether you opt for a lightweight linen suit, an unlined jacket, or a perfectly tailored fit, these strategies will help you stay cool and look sharp, even in the Thai heat.

Class Bespoke offers a variety of services that can help advance your summer style and keep you nice and cool. The tailors at Class Bespoke in Sukhumvit are happy to help adjust and give suggestions that can further the comfort of your special suit. Get ready to look fresh and ready for the heat.